Plant Science Talk

Plant Science Talk
February 28, 2017 admin

18 Feb 2017, Selangor Fruits Valley: Green Afforestation International Network Sdn. Bhd. (Gain-Green), in collaboration with Perbadanan Kemajuan Pertainian Selangor (PKPS) & Selangor State Forestry organized Plant Science Talk – From Plant Research to Industry & The World Market. We were honoured to have Dr Tien Huynh of RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia as our speaker of the day.

Dr Tien Huynh presented the importance of research activities in solving issues, improving efficiency and creating sustainability in agriculture industry. She highlighted on the significance of researches in businesses. Among others, a fast, accurate and early detection of pathogen in crops can prevent catastrophic loss in agriculture businesses; findings of additional values in agriculture business could help increase the profit; revolutionary waste management system helps to sustain the nutrient and energy cycles, etc. She also pointed out that Clinacanthus nutans, or commonly known as Sabah Snake Grass which is easily found in Selagor Fruits Valley, is proven to be able to reduce the number of cancer cells. With her in-depth explanation, it was definitely an eye opening speech to see new opportunities and possibilities in Malaysia agriculture.

Dr. Tien’s findings have benefitted many businesses internationally. Currently she is carry out researches on Revotropix Paulownia with Gain-Green.

The Group General Manager of Perbadanan Kemajuan Pertanian Selangor (PKPS), Tuan Haji Tamby Omar pointed out that the Selangor Fruits Valley  (SFV) is currently under refurbishment with a variety of facilities and parks to be complemented for the launching of Agro-tourism soon. Plantzania will be one of the main projects in SFV’s Agro-tourism.

In conjunction with this, Gain-Green as strategic partner, announced the master plan of a new life science theme park- Plantzania in SFV, by the CEO, Mr. EL Law. It was an exciting news to all attendees as Plantzania will widely open up the door to “Back To Nature” underlined by 5F: Farming, Foresting, Fun, Fantasy and Fascinating. Plantzania will provide agricultural life experiences, may it be planting trees, playing and observing animals, plants, insects, and even the biological world under microscopes. The activities will be family oriented and emphasis on family bonding. Besides encouraging kids in the modern world to experience and appreciate natural lifestyle better, it is also a place for the grown-ups to recall their childhood fun. Expect a slower pace but contented family life in Plantzania!