Botany Workshop for Kids

Botany Workshop for Kids
March 8, 2018 admin

Did you know that there are about 400,000 plant species on Earth? Many thousands of plants on land and in the ocean are not identified or categorized. Plants keep us alive, as sources of medicine, oxygen, and food, but we don’t know very much about the majority of plant species. Plant life and its importance are studied in botany. Flowers, trees, grasses, cacti, seaweed, and other plants are all studied as part of botany.

Target students Open to primary school students (aged between 7 to 12 years old)
Date 17 March 2018 & 23 March 2018
Time 9 am – 2 pm (5 hours)
Venue Plantzania Learning Center, Revongen Corporation Center,
No. 12A, Jalan TP5, Taman Perindustrian UEP, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Registration Fees RM 120 / member (lunch and certification of participation included)

Course Outline
1. Terrarium Making – A fun way to bring nature indoor!

Terrariums are a great craft for kids because they are fun in all stages of development. Picking out plants, containers and little figurines to go inside can be just as fun as making the kid-friendly terrarium and watching it grow!

2. Plant as pH Indicator – Differentiate Acid and Base

When certain plants come into contact with acids or bases, their colors change! These changing plants are acid-base indicators, and they are generally alkaline or acidic, so when they come into contact with things that have a totally different pH, their colors change.

  • Test for Acids and Base using flowers (30 min)
  • Red Cabbage Chemistry (45 min)
  • Berry pH paper (45 min)

3. Flower Dissection

Simple science activity for kids that doubles as flower art and a floral fine motor activity, a flower dissection is a great way to explore botany for kids