Plantzania Earth Day Workshop DPULZE Shopping Centre

Plantzania Earth Day Workshop DPULZE Shopping Centre
March 23, 2020 admin

On this Earth Day, lets hope that our Earth is always filled with love, peace & harmony. Come and join our Earth Day Workshop for a fun, creative & green way to celebrate this special day!

Name: Plantzania Earth Day Workshop Shopping Centre
Date: 22 April 2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 2pm – 6pm
Venue: PLAY, 2nd Floor (near MR DIY) DPULZE Shopping Centre

Program of the Day:
0200 pm – 0230 pm: Mini Solar Car
0230 pm – 0330 pm: Terrarium Making
0330 pm – 0400 pm: Magical Kaleidoscope
0400 pm – 0500 pm: Herbal Natural Soap Making
0500 pm – 0600 pm: Earth Day Games (Ready! Set! Recycle! , Bucket Tower, Frog Race, Caring for the Earth Chart)

Quickly grab your slots now! Each workshop is limited to 40 pax only! Click the link below or just simply scan the QR code in the poster for registration.