PLANTZANIA science carnival


The Plantzania Science Carnival offers school children, their teachers and accompanying parents and wider public visitors an opportunity to explore various science and technology concepts by ‘touch and feel’. It provides a unique, informal learning opportunity that:

  • excites and enthuses visitors
  • nurtures curiosity and discovery
  • improves motivation and attitude
  • adds to teacher knowledge
  • supports numeracy and literacy
  • encourages social interaction and co-operative learning
  • provides memorable real life contextual elements and exemplars

Programme of the day:
1. Fantastic Science Live Shows
• Presented to the entire group on stage for certain time slot only.
• Takes around 15 – 30 minutes.

2. Interactive Hands-On Exhibits
• Each exhibit has a context board which includes information about how to use the exhibit, the science behind it, and where such things occur in everyday life.
• Science instructors are there to assist visiting students gain the most from their Roadshow experience.

3. Interesting Science Games Booth for Parents and Kids
• Ideal for parents to play with their children, increase family bonding!
• A fun, exciting and interactive learning experience of science.

4.Challenge Yourself – Science Quiz
• Prizes will be given to the winners.


  • To School: Different with ordinary school carnival with food stalls only, Plantzania Science Carnival helps school to raise fund with educational program, bring benefits to both schools and students!
  • To Family: Increase family bonding time while increase science knowledge, a good practice as parents can involve in inspiring students’ interest towards science!
  • To Public: Open to other vendors (food, teaching kit, souvenirs, etc.) to make the Carnival a merrier one!
  • To Student: School Science Club Members are invited to join Plantzania team as volunteers and coordinators! We will provide training and coaching to them.

RM 8,000

Time: 8 a.m. to 2.p.m.
Target Number of Visitors: 5,000 people
• Inclusive of:
– Five (5) of Fantastic Science Live Shows at different time slot
– Five (5) Interactive Hands-On Exhibits throughout event
– Challenge Yourself – Science Quiz with Prizes given
• Vendor booths that will collect cash coupons: (profit sharing of 20% with school/ organizer)
– Five (5) Science Games Booth for Parents and Kids
– Two (2) Souvenirs Booth that will sell some teaching kits, souvenirs and healthy food
• Exclusive of:
– Items fall under “Requirement”, i.e. venue, PA system, promotion & publicity, vendors & volunteers
*This package for Klang Valley only

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