Young Scientist Entrepreneur

Plantzania strives to groom students who are interested to venture in business involving technology and product-based, with the broad theme of biotechnology. The Plantzania Mini Research Project is planned to be a knowledge-based, self-experience and activity – oriented R&D project and also serve as junior entrepreneurship training program.

The vision for this project is to ensure a young generation positively empowered with godly character to withstand in true survival mode.

Meanwhile, our missions are to inspire, empower and nurture young generation through skills, knowledge, and resources needed for modern scientific research entrepreneurship and individual development.

Based on our successful outcome, Plantzania have achieved the objectives of Plantzania Young Scientist Entrepreneur Award 2018 which are to:

1. Foster innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets in students.
2. Develop entrepreneurial capabilities that can be applied in a range of contexts especially life science and technology.
3. Develop awareness of science discovery as intellectual assets and enhance their capacity to manage and exploit them.
4. Guide students to acquire the skill to deliver science and technology in a comprehensive way.
5. Enhance students’ lifelong learning skills, personal development and self-efficacy, allowing them to contribute to society and the environment more generally.

Hence, Plantzania would like to congratulate the winner of Plantzania Young Scientist Entrepreneur Award 2018 and thanked all participants for their hard works and passion in doing research. We believed this program excel in motivated the winner and all the participants to pursue their dreams by realizing their great ideas that can lead to changes in their lives and the lives of others.