Hydroponic Kit

Hydroponic Kit

Hydroponic Kit


Hydroponic Kit


Hydroponics is the method of growing plants in the nutrients that they need instead of soil. The plant foods are simply put into water instead and it makes a solution for the plants to live in. Vegetables, flowers and herbs can all be grown in water.

Hydroponics is an easy hands-on way to get students interested in science at a young age. It’s something that really draws them in, something they can use, along with the principles of biology, chemistry and physics.

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What Does It Teach?

  • The Growth Cycle of a Plant
    From germination, to seedlings, to vegetative growth, all the way to harvest – this guide shows
    kids the full lifecycle of a plant.
  • What Plants Need to Grow
    By growing in a hydroponic environment, the “cloak” of using soil is removed – kids will learn
    how proper nutrition, water, and light help a plant to thrive.
  • Where Food REALLY Comes From
    No longer will food be something that just magically shows up on their plates. By growing edible
    leafy greens, your child will learn exactly what happens before the food they eat hits their
    mouths every meal.


What’s Included?

  • Seeds: Choi Sum – Beginner (type of seed varies depends on subject availability)
  • Net Pot: To hold germination sponge and plant
  • Clay Pebbles: Used to cover sponge to prevent algae from forming
  • Germination Sponge
  • Fertilizer: 20ml A & 20ml B
  • Experiment guide with step-by-step instructions and easy to understand science explanations