Moshi Mushi Mushroom Growing Kit

Moshi Mushi Mushroom Growing Kit

Moshi Mushi Mushroom Growing Kit


Moshi Mushi Mushroom Growing Kit


The Moshi Mushi Growing Kit is a kid friendly, easy-to-cultivate way to enjoy growing mushrooms at home. This kit is made up of a strong producing commercial oyster strain that produces many mushrooms. It comes fully colonized and ready to fruit. These are great mushroom to sauté and serve on anything. Grey oyster mushroom has many health benefits, including being just as dense in protein as meat and providing excellent benefits to the immune system due to its antioxidants and high in vitamins properties. The required temperature range for your kit is 18-30 Degree Celsius. You can harvest fresh mushrooms up to at least 3-4 cycles.


What’s Included?

  1. Fully sterilized mushroom block
  2. Small mister
  3. Growing Instruction and tips



About the Company

1) What does Moshi Mushi stand for?
Moshi Moshi stands for “Hello” in Japanese, so when we change the second word to Mushi, it means “Hello Mushroom”.

About Moshi Mushi Mushroom

1. What kind of mushroom does Moshi Mushi grow?

  •  There is only one type of mushroom available now: Grey Oyster Mushroom.

2. Where can I buy Moshi Mushi Mushroom Growing Kit?
Moshi Mushi Mushroom Growing Kit is available at:

  • Website
  • eCommerce Marketplace: Lazada, 11street, Shopee
  • On shelves in Organic Store nationwide

3. What is inside the Moshi Mushi Mushroom Growing Kit?

  • It contains a growing medium bag with mushroom mycelium, and a free water sprayer located at the top of the Moshi Mushi box.

4. What are the white spots covering in the medium bag?

  • Those are the wonderful root-like structure called mycelium. It shows that your mushroom box is healthy and ready to grow!

5. How does the grey oyster mushroom taste like?

  • It has juicy and meaty taste. Some say it taste like seafood!

6. What is the nutrition value of grey oyster mushroom?

  • Grey oyster mushroom has high level of protein, low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Dietary Fiber, great amount of other minerals and nutrients in it. Grey oyster mushroom is also known to provide Vitamin D that helps to strengthen bones and teeth.

7. Are the mushroom organically grown?

  • Yes, the medium bag are made of natural and organic materials. No pesticides, or insecticides are used. You can be sure that the mushrooms grown from Moshi Mushi box are completely pesticides free.

8. How could your Moshi Mushi mushroom growing kit be more sustainable?

  • The medium bag is made out of wood sawdust, which is a by-product during the process in saw mill. We recycle and use it as the main nutrient for mushroom growing.
  • Moshi Mushi mushroom will stop growing when the nutrient depletes. The medium bag can be reused as organic soil enhancer for your home garden!

About Growing Your Mushroom

1. How to properly cut the “+” shape on the medium bag?

  • Cut a “+” shape with each cut length around 4-5 cm using clean knife, our experience shows that it is best grow with cut length no longer than 5 cm.
  • Leave the cutting as it is. Do not attempt to bend or remove the plastic sheet/ plastic bag as it is meant to protect the medium bag from moisture lost.

2. How long can I keep the mushroom before open it?

  • It is recommended to grow your mushroom within 1 month upon receiving mushroom growing kit.

3. Where is the best place to grow the mushroom growing kit?

  • You can grow it at any places indoor without direct sunlight.

4. What will happen if I forget to water the mushroom for few days?

  • The medium bag might completely dry out and couldn’t grow any mushroom out of it. It is recommended spray mists twice per day during morning and evening using clean water only.

5. When to harvest the mushrooms?

  • You can start harvest it when the largest 2-3 mushrooms cap are around 3cm-6cm in diameters. Harvest it before it starts to get old and dry.

6. How to harvest the mushrooms?

  • Hold the whole batch of mushroom deep from stem, then pull the whole batch out of the medium bag. Clean up any remaining out of the medium bag.

7. How long do I have to wait for the second crops?

  • Cover the cut area of mushroom bags and wait for 7 days. Repeat the steps again and watch it grow. Be patient!

8. How can I discard my growing kit after it has stopped harvesting?

  • Once it is stopped harvesting, retrieve the soil bag and use it as compost fertilizer for your garden. Let it back to the nature!

9. How many cycles of mushroom could it grow up to?

  • It can grow up to 1-4 times out of the box. In some cases, it can grow even more if you are lucky and in good condition!