Terrarium Kit

Terrarium Kit

Terrarium Kit


Terrarium Kit


If you have a green thumb but minimal garden space, why not create your own mini-world full of lush and beautiful plants by making your own terrarium? Terrariums are easy-to-make, low-maintenance gardens, and can last almost indefinitely with minimal water.

Fun way to get kids interested in botany. Kids love to learn and see how things work. They will learn about botany (the biology of plants), how eco-systems work and will see first-hand how seeds, soil, sun, and water work together to transform into beautiful plants.

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What Does It Teach?

  • Life Cycle Of Plants
    The students can observe the plants they grew themselves go from seed, to root, to bud, and then create new seeds! This is a standard life cycle that applies to other things as well, like humans and animals.
  • Care Of The Earth
    Their small terrarium can be considered in scale to the Earth because all the basic resources are represented (sun, water, nutrients). Their small demonstration shows that the Earth needs people to care for it too.
  • Systems Interacting
    Terrariums teach how plants, animals, and insects interact similar to the real world. You can include small animals, like turtles, in addition to the plants, soil and water provided. It shows that all living things have the same resources and need to learn to share and keep everything in balance.

What’s Included?

  1. A clear glass jar (design of clear glass jar varies depends on subject availability)
  2. Rocks, Gravels
  3. Activated charcoal/ biochar
  4. Potting soil appropriate for your plants
  5. Polished rocks, colored gravel or glass, etc. for surface landscaping
  6. Any decorative items (depends on subject availability)
  7. Small plants (cactus/ succulents)
  8. A scoop
  9. Gloves
  10. Experiment guide with step-by-step instructions and easy to understand science explanations