What is Plantzania


Plantzania is an edu-eco science hub combining education, outdoor activities and nature experience for the students and their parents.

This is the first edu-eco science hub in Malaysia, incorporating 5F concept: Farming, Foresting, Fun, Fantasy, and Fascinating.
We provide a space for everyone to spend a wonderful time together enjoying the natural harmonious surroundings.

At Plantzania Theme Park, children can be accompanied by their parents to experience the agricultural life by planting trees, harvesting fruits, observe and get an insight into plants, animals, insects and microorganisms in the biological world.

 Plantzania also organize exciting and themed programmes for kindergarten, schools, shopping malls, property developers, and others. Our programmes including both science and art workshops. We customize for the clients depending on their needs and focus areas.

In conjunction with new era of learning, Plantzania provide online teaching platform to help children dive into their learning experience in a creative, fun & interactive ways. Our teaching kits come with engaging descriptions that help your child understand what’s going on with every experiment.

Plantzania aims to teach children about scientific knowledge in an interesting way, so that children can really explore our beautiful nature and the amazing world around us.

Mantis, Taman Negara
Photo Credit: Marta Skowron

Lotus Flower, Taman Tasik Perdana

Taman Negara
Photo Credit: Marta Skowron

Fungus, Taman Negara
Photo Credit: Marta Skowron

Banded Bull Frog Kaloula pulchra, Taman Negara
Photo Credit: Marta Skowron

Spider, Taman Negara
Photo Credit: Marta Skowron